Thursday, 23 August 2007

Community of Singapore

I would like to share a bit about my community here in Singapore, even though some may have known the reality here.

We were founded in 1994, and before this year, we already have 3 perpetual professed sisters and one postulant. Till today, we have 5 perpetual professed Singaporean sisters, 1 junior professed and 1 novice. God has blessed our community with vocations even though we are small.

These 2 weeks, there has been quite a bit of movements here. Together with my return, we have our new junior professed sister, Karen, who made her first profession in Boston on 30 June. We also have Lynette, our second year novice, who is here with us for her 4 months' apostolic experience. Then, we have Sr. Lioba, a Korean perpetual professed sister, staying with us and studying English. So, in the whole community, we are altogether 8, and frankly speaking the whole house is full--we have no more spare room for visitors.....

However, Sr. Wendy will be leaving us sooooooon, very soon, that is, next Tuesday. She will be staying in LA for a couple of months to take up some apostolic updating.

That's all for now.....

Friday, 17 August 2007

9th General Chapter of the Daughters of St. Paul

With the whole of our congregation, I would like to invite everyone of you, first to join us in prayer as we begin an important event--our 9th General Chapter on August 20, Monday. For more information and to journey with you, you may visit our website at: 9th General Chapter

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Evans Almighty

2 weeks ago, I got the opportunity to go for a movie preview on Evan Almighty. Thought it is a nice film focusing on family but with religious theme--similar to Noah's Ark. Maybe you can read the review written by Sr. Rose Pacatte, Daughter of St. Paul from LA--A Film Study Guide for Catholic Christians.

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Happy National Day, Singapore

Today, our country, Singapore, is celebrating her 42nd birthday. Yes, we are a young nation, and we have come quite a long way to achieve what we are now. Though a small country, God has given us many gifts and blessings.

Singapore National Day Parade