Thursday, 27 September 2007

Book displays in schools - Part 2

The second school we visited was a girl school. We can see a bit of different. The girls really read. More books were diffused and we can see their enthusiasms.

The 3rd school we went, on the other hand, was all boys and just like the previous one, the reading power is good too. We can see that the parents do give their encouragement for the children to get good books.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Book displays in schools - Part 1

These past 3 weeks, I have been going to 3 elementary schools with our novice, Lynette, for outreach. It has been an interesting experience after quite a long period of "out of touch" with school children.

The first school was a mixed mission school in a neighbourhood, what we call "heartland". A number of students did buy books but most were interested in little bookmarks. In this school, we discovered the young "entrepreneurship" in them. We noticed a group of boys carrying bags of water with some little blue "jelly balls" in it. We found out that one of them was selling seeds which they called "water-baby". They were supposed to grow in water and multiply at a certain size. What interest me most was, the boy who did the selling bought it at a low price from some stores and he was selling to his schoolmates at 1 for 5 cents, they will get one free if they buy 20 cents. We can see that he did "earned" quite a lot of money out of it.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Since one month.....

It has been a month since I last written. Have a bit of a problem in connecting to the internet with my laptop.

Thanks for all your prayers, our General Chapter has come to an end and if some of you have been following, our Superior General, Sr. Maria Antonieta Bruscato was re-elected. It is not easy to hold this responsibility, we are grateful to her for saying her 'Yes' to God and to the Congregation and I do ask you to continue to keep her in your prayers.

some information of our new general government