Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Jurong Point

Here in Singapore, we just began our annual outreach at Jurong Point--a mall west of Singapore. We have a little kiosk where we offer books and religious articles to the people. This is a good way in reaching out to all people during the Christmas Season. Here is a picture of our kiosk:

The joy of being here is being able to be present to the people, many of whom are non-Catholics and also to provide religious materials to the Catholics and Christians who do not have much access to them. Yesterday, I was at the kiosk and one little girl looked at me with surprised and exclaimed: Wow! This is their uniform!

Years ago, I met a non-catholic here too and I was able to accompany her to a Christmas Mass and from then, she attended RCIA and became a catholic.

Well, I hope to share more joys later.

Friday, 16 November 2007

Golden Compass

Recently there has been a lot of circulating about the upcoming movie--Golden Compass. As usual, the big "no" before most people know anything about it. I have consulted our media expert, Sr. Rose and would like to recommend you to read what she wrote.

Sr. Rose on Golden Compass