Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Signs of Love

In today's Gospel reading, the pharisees asked Jesus for a sign, despite all that Jesus had done before them. How often we too, consciously or unconsciously ask Jesus to give us a sign. Yet, the greatest sign God has given us is His love, made present in the Eucharist. If only we can have the eyes of faith to see.

When we are in profound comunion with the Lord, the sign of signs becomes his presence, or better, the faith in his presence. There are many signs that are important in our life. Some signs indicate friendship, harmony, while others can be exactly opposite. The signs can create sympathy or antipathy, they can ignite harmony or disharmony. For instance, when someone gives a gift, it is a sign of profound sentiment, non measured by the value of the object given. A sign has the value for establishing a relationship and bond.
(cf. Messa Meditazione)

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