Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Book displays in schools - Part 1

These past 3 weeks, I have been going to 3 elementary schools with our novice, Lynette, for outreach. It has been an interesting experience after quite a long period of "out of touch" with school children.

The first school was a mixed mission school in a neighbourhood, what we call "heartland". A number of students did buy books but most were interested in little bookmarks. In this school, we discovered the young "entrepreneurship" in them. We noticed a group of boys carrying bags of water with some little blue "jelly balls" in it. We found out that one of them was selling seeds which they called "water-baby". They were supposed to grow in water and multiply at a certain size. What interest me most was, the boy who did the selling bought it at a low price from some stores and he was selling to his schoolmates at 1 for 5 cents, they will get one free if they buy 20 cents. We can see that he did "earned" quite a lot of money out of it.

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