Sunday, 1 June 2008

Day of Recollection

The Day of Recollection went on well yesterday. I am not sure we ever did something similar before in Singapore, but for most of us as vocation promoters, it was a new experience. If some of you remember or know, we had a kind of workshop on Vocation Sunday, where young women came to find out more about religious vocation from the women religious. Well, our team had decided this year that instead of doing this as a one-off thing yearly, we want to have follow-ups together for the young women, as a mean and channel for them to pray together, and get to know each other who are journeying together, and to know of other congregations.

So, yesterday was the first follow-up and Sr. Lucy of the Good Shepherd graciously volunteer to host it. The ambience was great, especially the prayer room. We had sharing in the morning with the theme: Call to Conversion and in the afternoon: Choosing Life. Both the relgious and the participants were opened to share their thoughts and reflections.

We hope that through these similar sessions, young women will find courage and strength together, and feel that they were not alone in the journey...for we are all Companions on the Journey.

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