Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Up Close and Personal

On 10 January, 3 young women gathered at our convent to spend an afternoon desiring to know more about our congregation. From the experience and feedback of the first Up Close and Personal, this time we plan to give more time for presentation, sharing plus activities and interaction, somehow it still didn't work out quite as what we wanted. With all the waiting, we began after 3 pm instead of 2 pm as planned (though we actually took this into consideration in our planning) and like before we were trying to finish by 5 pm as 2 of the participants need to go for Mass. So, I was trying to rush through everything, which doesn't seem to be helpful. Anyway, we are all glad to be able to share with them our spirituality, mission, our founders, community life and so forth. No matter what, I feel that the Holy Spirit is the one working through the whole session, and whatever it turn out, I believe God has a reason for it.
We are not giving up. Next Up Close and Personal Session will be sometime in June, so those who missed it for the past 2 time, do take not and hope to see you..... Till the next Up Close and Personal.....

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