Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Spirituality in Asian Film 11 to 13 Jan

Last week, I had the privileged to attend Faith and Film 4 Seminar--Spirituality in Asian Film organized by the CFA Media in Manila. This was actually an invitation extended by the generosity of our Pauline Cooperators--Theresa and Winifred. It was indeed an eye-opening experience for me, as most of the time American films are used for our media literacy talks. This time, as the theme said, we focused on the major Asian films.

Both Win and I left for Manila on 10 Jan and we were welcomed by our two cheerful Pauline sisters, Perla and Mennen at the airport. Win stayed with us at the convent throughout the seminar.

Together with us were another 5 FSP sisters from Manila. The first 2 days' seminar were given by the former Signis president, Fr. Peter Malone. He started off with the Theme, Orientation to Spirituality and Asian Film, with the definition of Spirituality and he englightened us how most Asian Cinema can be contemplative. This was followed by Focal Themes for Spirituality where he introduced the 4 Facets of Spirituality: the Divine, Faith, Ethics & Morality and Lived Spirituality. The Asian Perspectives were highlighted: Traditions, Commuities, War, Family, Simplicity, Suffering and Ritual. Many clips were shown to explain his points ranging from Zhang Yi Mou from China, to Korea, India, Mongolia, Bhutan, Japan, Bangladesh, etc. At the end of the day, we also watch a korean film entitled: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring.


Bubalita said...

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Thanks so much and have a wonderful day!!! :)

Sr Margaret Kerry fsp said...

The Cooperators are welcome to attend the US/Canada Conference in April this year. If any of them will be in the States ask them to contact me - Sr Margaret Charles