Saturday, 10 September 2011

Beginning Our Journey

Our formal formation and bonding sessions ended with a Sending Off from the parish during Mass on 6 August 2011. I thought it was such an appropriate day, even though it was a normal Sunday Mass, coz liturgically, 6 August is the Feast of Transfiguration, a day that is very special to me.

On 12 August, 14 of us gathered at Singapore Changi Airport with some family members and friends to see us off. 3 guys had already went ahead days before. The rest will follow after. It was going to be a long journey for 12 of us coz we will have to wait at Doha for 7 hours before taking the 2nd sector of the flight directly to Madrid. We dreaded by the thought of it. Anyway, some took the opportunity to rest at the lounge as they have special membership, while the rest of us just tried to catch some sleep at the waiting area.

God never ceased to surprise us. As we were boarding the next flight, 7 of us were told that they had to change our seats. As I found my seat, I was at awed with this gift from God: we were upgraded to business class. Nevermind about service or food, we get to sleep horizontally. This itself meant a lot to us.

This was one of the many blessings we received as we begin physically our journey towards Madrid. Of course, more to come.

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