Sunday, 11 March 2007

Scavi Tour

It has been 3 weeks since I last posted. Chinese New Year has long gone, the Lenten season is already half-way towards Easter. Well, I have been doing a bit of everything here and there. What is most interesting? If you can remember my posting last year about my adventure in San Pietro, well, my dream came true when I was invited to join our sisters from the Charism Course to make the Scavi Tour.

"Scavi" means excavation. We were given a brief history of the building of St. Peter Basillica and its developments since the year 300s when the Emperor Constantine christianized Rome after he won the battle. Through the years, it developed into its present day form. However, it was in 1939, after the death of Pope Pius XI that excavation began. The late pope had willed to be buried on the grotto level, but by the time of his death, there weren't enough space. So the people decided to lower the ground. It was during this process that they found that there were tombs below. With the permission of the new Pope, Pius XII, excavation began. To keep the story short, they finally found the bones of St. Peter, confirmed that he was buried below. Is it true how Jesus said to Peter: You are Peter and upon this rock I shall build my Church."

It was really a neat experience. For those of you who have a chance to come to Rome, this will be one of the tour worth considering. However, I think the tour has to be booked in advance.

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Lisa said...

With God's grace, I will get to visit Rome some time in the next few years.