Saturday, 9 June 2007


I am probably a bit late, but would like to share a bit about processions here. On 31 May, I got the opportunity of joining the annual rosary procession in Vatican garden, which was opened to all. It was just impressive to see the number of people attending and praying in different languages. I tried to get some pictures, but it is difficult to balance between holding the booklet, rosary, lighted candle and then with a camera. So, obviously the photos didn't turn out well. The Pope came at the end when we reached the grotto of our Lady of Lourdes. There were readings and he gave the homily and blessings at the end.Then on Thursday, 7 June, we had the Corpus Christi procession. It started with the Mass outside St. John Lateran, with the Pope as the main celebrant. The square was not really filled up in the beginning but by the time Mass finished and as the procession began, it was just amazing where these people came from.
Again, this time, I didn't get good pictures because of the distance (my camera can reach only up to 4x zoom and my hands were not steady, probably because age is catching up). So from there we walked all the way to St. Mary Major, which is about 1.5 km. There were prayers and singing during the procession and it ended with the Pope's benediction.

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Rebecca said...

They may not be professional photos, but they sure aren't bad. And it was interesting too, especially for those of us who will probably never get to be there. :)