Saturday, 30 June 2007

Feast of St. Paul

Happy Feast of St. Paul!

Yes, today, the Pauline Family celebrates the feast of our patron, St. Paul. Many of our sisters celebrate their anniversary of profession this day, and here in Rome, at least more than 50 celebrate their 50th year of consacrated life--just in Italy, Daughters of St. Paul. If you happened to be reading my other blog on Blessed James Alberione, we also celebrate his 100th year of priestly ordination.

25 of our sisters are also making their perpetual profession today all over the world and novices are making their first commitment through their first temporary profession. One of them is Karen Eng, who is from Singapore and will be making her profession today in Boston with her 2 companions. Please join us to thank the Lord for having chosen and called us to this special mission.

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Lisa said...

God;s richest blessings and abundant graces on all the Sisters professing religious commitments and being consecrated to Christ today as His spouses!

Feel free to share more details on the many celebrations!