Thursday, 5 July 2007

Donec Formetur Christus in Vobis

Till Christ be formed in you.

Taken from Galatians 4:19, this is the goal of our spirituality. I mentioned about the spiritual exercises which I last made. Our founder had left us a rich spirituality, which aims at forming the whole Christ in us--mind, will and heart, corresponding to Jesus Truth, Way, Life. This one that I attended focus on the 3rd stage of the course--Glory to the Holy Spirit--Unitive Way. I will share the briefly the structure:

Day 2
1. All is accomplished in the Holy Spirit
2. The most marvelous effects

Day 3
1. "The same divine sanctity of Jesus Christ communicated to our souls through the Holy Spirit"
2. Who is the Holy Spirit and the works attributed to the Spirit

Day 4--The life given by the Holy Spirit

Day 5--The life in the Spirit: Faith

Day 6--The life in the Spirit: Hope

Day 7--Charity: "shapes 2 flames"

Day 8
1. The varied fruits of the Holy Spirit
2. All has to terminate in a great "Glory to God in the Highest..." to honour the Holy Trinity

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