Thursday, 18 October 2007


Liturgical Biblical Diary

Every year around this time, our community will begin the annual promotion of the Liturgical Biblical Diary, known as 366 Days with the Lord (hey, it's the leap year in 2008). As the name suggests, it is not an ordinary diary and at the same time, it is not a Bible by itself. Following the Church's liturgy, it contains the daily gospel reading, accompanied by reflection done by Fr. Harold Buetow, a diocesan priest in Brooklyn. He has a number of books on homelies and pastoral talks. As this is a good way to encourage people to get in touch with the Word of God daily, we the Daughters of St. Paul in Singapore has make this an annual project and it is a great joy to see that each year, there is an increasing number of people asking for this diary as this shows the hunger for the Word of God.

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Rebecca said...

Very neat! What a good idea!