Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Recent events

These few weekends have been busy, going to the parishes for book display and at the same time promoting 366 Days with the Lord. It is such a joy when people came forward to get this Liturgical Diary, expressing their desire to be more in touch with the word of God daily. Many have been getting this for the past few years. We just hope that many more people will feel this thirst.

Last Sunday, I also had the opportunity, for the first time in my life, to give a little presentation to a small group of young working adults in Christ the King Church. They were producing a magazine for the parish, which looks very impressive, well lay-out, with nice, wide contents about the life in the parish. I touch on the Spirituality of being a Christian Communicator, emphasising each baptized Catholic's role and duty to share in the mission of Jesus, being sent out to proclaim the Good News to all people, and the need of a deepening personal relationship with Jesus, who is our model and the Perfect Communicator. I do not know how much I brought across the message but trust that the Holy Spirit is the one to touch they hearts and give them the encouragement to persevere in this great mission which they had begun.

Today, I was in a convent school for book display and was amazed to see that many students have at least 2 or more badges on them besides their own names--prefect, prefect buddy, librarian, PE monitor, sports leader, most helpful student..... What surprised me was 2 students were having a button with Toilet Ambassador. What do they do? I still couldn't find out because the student concerned just smile at us when we showed interest. For whatever reason or motivation, we just hope that this is a form of encouragement for each student.

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