Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Happy 13th Anniversary, FSP Singapore

In most part of the world today, we celebrate Labour Day, Feast of St. Joseph... Silently, the Daughters of St. Paul in Singapore, together with many other communities over the world, celebrates her 13th year of foundation. Yes, 1994 our sisters began their mission in Singapore--Sr. Lorenzina, Sr. Agostina and Sr. Grace (first Singaporean DSP--1960). At the present moment, God has graced us with 5 local perpetual sisters and 2 novices, one of whom will be making her first profession this coming June. Together with my sisters, I thank God for calling us to share in this special mission, for all the marvellous works He has done and continue to do, in Singapore. Let us continue to pray for our sisters in the community, and that He will give us more good vocations to share in this great mission, to proclaim His marvellous love for all humanity through all the means of social communications.

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