Tuesday, 1 May 2007


View from the monastary

Last week, the Union for the Major Superior of Religious Institute (Unione Superiore Maggiore d'Italia) organized a trip to Subiaco for the religious in Rome. I had the grace to participate in this outing, which is both enriching and relaxing/refreshing. Altogether we were in 5 bus loads, which is about 150 of us. Imagine having all these nuns on the road....

Subiaco is a city in the south of Rome, mainly renowned as tourist and religious resort for its sacred grotto (Sacro Speco), in the St. Benedict's Abbey, and the Abbey of St. Scholastica. It is also famous as the first city in Italy where books were printed, in the 15th century. "Sacro Speco" - the cave where Saint Benedict (480 - 547 (67)) lived for three years, eating food lowered in a basket to him by the hermit monk Romanus.
At Santa Scholastica
For story of St. Benedict, about subiaco:

On our way back, we also stop by at St. Vittorina. There is a community of sisters, whose ministry includes praying for vocations, and also made known our Lady of Fatima. I can't rememeber the name of the congregation though, what a shame!

see if you can spot anyone you know!

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