Monday, 16 April 2007

Auguri, Papa Benedetto XVI

Tomorrow is the 80th birthday of the Holy Father, Benedict XVI. Today, St. Peter's Square was filled with well-wishers attending the Eucharistic celebration with him. I was able to get to the Square while it was not so packed and managed to get to the center. Though it was not very near, I still could see him at the altar pretty clearly. I met a Lutheran couple from Denmark , who managed to get into the Square by chance. They were here 3 days but have not been able to go into the Basillica because it was always packed. Today, they decided to go to the Vatican Musuem, arriving only to realize that it is closed on Sunday. When they turn to the Square, a group of Germans offered them the tickets for the Mass. They were very happy about it. I was glad to share with them a bit of our Catholic Teachings and to hear from their experience. In front of me also there was a couple from North Italy and at the back--from Argentina. It is always amazing to see the crowd from all over the world, even of different faith gathering at St. Peter's.

Happy Birthday, Papa Benedetto

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