Friday, 20 April 2007

Gesù di Nazaret

The Pope's new book Gesù di Nazaret was released in Italian, German and Polish on his 80th birthday, 16 April 2007. At our Paoline Multimedia International Book Center, people were already waiting anxiously outside the center before 9 am, the opening hour. However, the book did not arrive on time, so many people seemed to be rather disappointed. Many made their reservations instead and collect it later. The reporter and crews from CNN were also waiting patiently outside, hoping to capture the first moment of the arrival. Much to our disappointment, the truck did not arrive until almost 11 am. before that, our employee and one of our sisters managed to get 2 boxes on a trolley from the Vatican book center. This shows their collaboration with us too.

Once the book arrived, people just couldn't wait to be the first to grab the book. Many bought more than 1 copy. This shows not only their support and love for the Pope but their thirst in reading and knowing more about God.

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