Sunday, 22 April 2007

2 lovely and cheerful visitors

Last week, I had the great joy of knowing 2 lovely young women who visited our media center. I was arranging the shelves when I heard a sweet voice asking: who is St. Rita, what makes her a saint? This started our conversation. Chihiro from Japan, and to my surprised, Francesca from........Singapore. Both are studying in York and were in Rome for a real short visit. I am inspired by the desire of Chihiro--the desire to be a catholic. She has been going to Church, for Mass and I believe involves in Church activities. She is just waiting for her parents to give the "go-ahead" signal to be baptized. I can sense her conviction and her faith in our Lord. Francesca, active catholic in Church of Holy Family, very joyful and sensible. She does not want to make a decision for religious life now because she wants to be free from the "pressure" of the expectations of others, meaning, those around her encourage her to be religious, and would not be surprised if she does. So, she wants to be sure that it is not because of their expectations, but her free choice.

Talking to young women always give me great inspirations and encourage me even more to share with them of the faith and religious life. We believe definitely that meeting each other here in Rome is not a mere coincidence. So, do keep both of them in your prayers.


chihiro said...

It was really nice to be able to talk to you on that day:)

I am reading the book on St Rita which I bought on that day, at the moment.It such an enjoyment to find about more and more about Saints and God.

We both srated our term and so we are both back to "normal life"! But I am sure we will not forget about our trip and also the day we met you.

Prayer and Love,
Chihiro Noguchi

Lisa said...

Hi, SJ,

What a grace to be in a place where you can meet so many people and encounter them on their unique journey with our God! It's a gift to be able to communicate with young people contemplating God's call to them. It's a beautiful witness, too.