Thursday, 7 December 2006

Adventures in Rome

Whenever I have a chance to move around the city, I could not help but thank God for giving me this grace to be back here again. Looking around at all the basillicas, churches, structures, buildings, statues... How amazing that they can stand on the place for such a long decades. Indeed, the wonders of God's magnificent works.

I would like to share with you one incident that happened few weeks ago. 2 of my friends from Singapore came to visit for a few days. I was so glad to be their "poor" tour guide. Indeed, I hardly have people visiting me all these years while in overseas. So, on the first day, of course, we went to St. Peter's Basillica. So, after showing around, we managed to get to the tomb of the late Pope John Paul II. The funny thing happened after our prayers. As we walked out, we happened to follow some people whom also seemed to be following a group of pilgrims. We went down the steps and waited. At this point, I asked someone ahead, what was there to see because I had forgotten exactly the way even though I had been here before. He just replied: I don't know. and he decided to give up waiting. Then, we saw a glass door and the lady in front was making signs to us that we have to wait for the group inside to move ahead before we could go in because the place was too small. So, with all our curiosities, we waited even though I asked again what was it that we were to expect and she just answer the same: don't know but there are something to see, we just have to wait for the group to move on before we can enter. But obviously she was also curious. Finally, the lady was so happy and excited to see that the group started moving ahead and she went to press a button to get the glass door open. As we entered, we can see like catacombs, I supposed and ahead of us, someone was explaining about the place.

Just then, it occured to me that this could be the famous Scavi Tour, which Sr. Wendy has been telling me about, but prior appointment has to be made before. I know then that we should not be in there. However, it was too late because as I turned around, there were some people behind me and as the place was very small, we could hardly move around. Besides the glass door was already closed. Just when I whispering to my friends that we should not be there, the guide (whom obviously was a priest) looked at all of us and asked: who are you? You are not supposed to be here. This is a private tour." He looked obviously surprised and agitated at the same time. I heard him mumbling: Impossibile!

So, finally he managed to get us all out of there. Yes, it was rather embarassing but I laughed so much about it whenever I think of it. This shows how in reality "the blind leading the blind"!

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Keith said...

Hi Jocelyn,

Pat and I enjoyed our trip to Rome and Paris. It's been three weeks since we left the Eternal City and we are still talking about our experience!

We still recall our little adventure to the Scavi Tour. Although we followed the group "blindly", we were glad to see the catacombs under St Peter's Basilica. It was such a privileged experience!

It was also very inspiring to meet the sisters (and staff) working in the bookshop. They are doing such excellent work promoting the Gospel through social communication. Do send my regards to them and tell him how inspired Pat and I are after our visit to the bookshop.