Saturday, 2 December 2006

Greetings from Rome.....Happy Advent!

Hi, yes, I am back again! Not only to Blogger but also back to the eternal city----Rome!
I have been here for 2 months after making my perpetual profession of religious vows in Singapore on June 15. Thanks to all for your prayers.

So, what is life like now as a perpetual professed of the Daughters of St. Paul? Well, I am graced with coming back to Rome and fully inserted into an apostolic community which is very near to the Vatican (less than 5 minutes walk). I am having my apostolic experiences in our International Multimedia Center--we have materials of 5 languages in this center, plus an audiovisual sector. We served people from all over the world, especially students, priests and religious from English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and of course Italian speaking countries. Once in a while, we do have Mandarin-speaking people coming in, that is when I get to test my Mandarin.

Well, it took me 2 months to decide coming back to blogging, because I have been thinking what topics to share instead of just telling about myself. So, I decided that even though the title is about me, I will be sharing more of the places, my reflections and also the Pauline life. Hopefully these will be of interest to you!

For a start, this is it. However, we are at the beginning of a new liturgical year, so I wish everyone to have a good beginning of this Advent and a great spiritual preparation for the Birthday of our Saviour.

Blessed Advent!


Jo - S'pore said...

Yo...Sr Jocelyn,

Gee ;p! Nice 2 have you back in the blog again. To see the beautiful scenic of Rome, to contemplate on your reflections and to know better the Pauline apostolic experiences fm U...

How long will you be attached in Rome?

Yes! HaPPy Advent too and thks for your constant prayer.

Karen said...

Dear Sr. Jocelyn,

Peace be with you! Glad to see you blogging again; may you have a fruitful time in Rome and we will eat burgers when you are back again ;-)

Happy Advent!

Karen Teo

jenngoh said...

hi dear

nice to hear from ou again. all the best and will look forward to read more about your life in Rome.


Rose said...

Hi Jocelyn,

It was wonderful seeing you in Rome for the premiere of the Nativity Story! I got stuck in Paris because the plane left late and my baggage didn't catch up until the next day. Thanks for the pictures, too!

Sr Rose

Anonymous said...

Hi Sr. Jocelyn,

so nice to hear from you again!
how are you doung?
how is your italiano?
I'm back in Israel and I have amazing daughter named Meitar (like a string). I can send some pictures. happy holliday and happy Hanucka..
Rose Harel

Sr Jennifer Tecla said...

Great to know that you have restarted with blogging. I will enjoy reading all that you have to share --as well as seeing the pictures that you post. Have a blessed Advent Season!!

By the way, did Fr. Rios visit the center yet? I do hope that you will be there when he stops in. Perhaps he is first getting settled and visiting the Vatican Library first. That is the purpose of his trip (research for a paper).

Sr. Jennifer Tecla

Rebecca said...

Hi Joce,

Good to see you back! I look forward to reading more!

Advent Blessings!

Sister Jo said...

Aloha from your Hawaii. Great to read your information. Merry Christmas. I hope all is well.
SK Joseph

john said...

i think so